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  • Johanna Martzy

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  • Johanna Martzy

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Welcome to the Coup d'Archet Website

Coup d'Archet was originally founded in 1997 to make available to discerning music lovers a number of lost recordings by the legendary Hungarian violinist, Johanna Martzy. From L'Archet d'Or, collectors can also look forward to unreleased recordings from other great artists who, like Johanna, left little in the way of an official recorded legacy.


 hifiplus 2007 Winner
hifi+ Record of the Year Award 2007
hifiplus Winner
hifi+ Record of the Year Award 2004 
product of the year Winner
hifi+ Best Product Award (Records) 2002
Classic Record Collector Special Editor's Award, 2000


Johanna Martzy Radio Recordings

'Gold, pure and simple'

- hifi+ (November 2012 issue 93)


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Coup d'Archet