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Sine Qua Non LP




After 16 years producing superlative lost archive recordings, we are pleased to present our first original recording, Coup Perdu's debut release, Sine Qua Non, Serge Gainsbourg Re-imagined.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2, no expense has been spared to produce the most beautiful record we could imagine.  As followers of Coup d'Archet know, quality of sound has always been our primary concern and we have always sought to work with the best in the field. 


Cut to lacquer at Abbey Road, audiophile pressing on 180g vinyl by optimal media GmbH, the 69 minute double album is presented in a deluxe heavyweight matt-laminated gatefold jacket with insert.  The first 1000 copies only will be accompanied by 48 minute companion LP, Sine Qua Non Plus, which boasts all the above qualities but in a single stand-alone jacket.  Not to be missed.   

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Sine qua non


Sine qua non plus


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