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L'Archet d'Or Series 1 - 2002 Details

L'Archet d'Or Series I - 2002LD1

L'Archet d'Or issues are limited to 250 numbered copies, on LP only, presented in hand made jackets, silk-screen printed with original designs and including informative notes and photographs (where possible). These recordings are licensed exclusively to Coup d'Archet and have never before been issued.

LPs now sold out

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ORI  OR I - Jeanne Gautier/Yvonne Lefébure - Jeanne Gautier/Aimee Van De Wiele

Mozart Sonata for Violin and Piano K379 (31.5.59) ;

Bach Sonata No.5 in F minor for Violin and Harpsichord (24.5.59)
ORII OR II - Jeanne Gautier/André Levy

Ravel Duo for Violin and 'Cello (27.5.61) 

ORIII OR III - Jacqueline Eymar

Mozart K332/Chopin Funeral Sonata (10.02.62).
ORIV OR IV - Camilla Wicks

Encore Pieces (12.2.51)



Coup d'Archet