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L'Archet d'Or Series II - 2003 Details

All these magnificent performances, from these greatest of French performers are complimented by the outstanding quality of the recordings. We are all fortunate that these tapes have survived the years, for indeed a great many do not.

The 2003 series is now available.


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ORV OR V - Marcelle Meyer

Mozart, Piano Sonatas K498a, K332/Fantasy K396/Adagio K 540 (1953/56)
ORVI OR VI - Jeanne Gautier/Nadine Desouches - Jeanne Gautier/Lelia Gousseau

OR VI - Jeanne Gautier/Nadine Desouches: Stravinsky (four pieces)/Ravel/Martinu (1.1.56)
Jeanne Gautier/Lelia Gousseau: Roussel, Sonata No.2 (13.4.57) 
ORVII R VII - Maurice Maréchal/Cecile Ousset

Beethoven, op 5.2, Brahms, op 38, Cello Sonatas (1.1.58/13.10.59)
ORVIII  OR VIII - Agnelle Bundervoët

Ravel, Gaspard de la Nuit/ Debussy, Images Book 1(1959)
ORSP ORSP01 - Special Pressings 12" 45s

Maurice Maréchal, Odette Pigault (piano)
Yves Levallois/ Henriette Roget - In Memorium / Fauré – Elegy for 'Cello and Piano (op 24)(1958)
Coup d'Archet